The Cat in the Puddle Ithron’s finest travelling tavern Welcome to The Cat in the Puddle The Cat in the Puddle is a travelling tavern, serving the needs of the adventurers of Ithron. We serve a wide variety of food and drink, allowing Ithronian adventurers the chance to experience a taste of home, wherever in Arda they may be.  Cousins Blackjack and Bess Porter first opened The Cat in the Puddle in Nerese during Shielding1008 and had the honor of being the finest Ithronian theme tavern on the frontline. The Cat then travelled to Bone Island found off the south coast of Ithron, during Thawing 1009 and provided refreshements to the brave adventurers who sought to bring the island back into the light of the Seven. The adventurers were sucessful and the island was later renamed Sevens Isle. Later on in 1009 The Cat travelled to at site near Labry to provide sustenance for the adventureres attending The Communion, a meeting of the thirteen Paragons to discuss the War in Elysium. As always The Cat provided a wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, including their now famous cocktails. A selection of snack food was also available. When not open, Blackjack and Bess travel throughout Arda sourcing the finest foodstuffs and beverages to delight and tickle your taste buds. This year, excursions to Guiadun to buy wine and Llaminusu to track down a new drink we’ve heard tell of, are planned. The Cat in the Puddle will be setting up camp again towards the end of Shielding. Watch this space for news of exactly where and when this will be.  Made with Xara